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Become a member of the 'En Zen Wellness Affiliate Program' and earn money every month!

The 'En Zen Wellness Affiliate Program' is the perfect opportunity to earn by promoting your love for well-being! Learn more about the Morning Yoga & Fitness section and the Harmony Yoga Class, both conducted online, and share them with your followers. You can promote the classes through your website or social media and earn a 15% commission for every subscription every month!

Why become a member of the 'En Zen Wellness Affiliate Program'

  • Monthly Commission: Earn 15% on every subscription we receive through your personal affiliate link, every month!

  • Easy Registration Process: It's a breeze to get started! Click HERE, fill in your details, and you will receive your unique affiliate link that will attribute your sales to your account.

  • Quality Services: Represent En Zen Wellness, dedicated to providing the best online and in-person wellness services.

How it works:

  1. Registration: Click HERE to fill in your details and become a member of the program.

  2. Affiliate Key: Once your registration is complete, you will be assigned a unique code that will link each subscription purchased by your customer to you.

  3. Promote our classes: Share with your audience the benefits of systematic online yoga & workout practices and refer them using your personal affiliate link.

  4. Earn your commission: Receive a 15% commission for the subscription purchased through your affiliate link for as long as it remains active!

Ready to get started?

Don't miss the opportunity to earn while promoting a balanced lifestyle. Register now and begin your journey into the world of wellness.

Start Here

If you have any questions or need assistance with any step of the process, feel free to contact us at

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