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Combination Therapy

The En-Zen combination therapy is one holistic approach in whatever issue we want to address. Whether you have been diagnosed with a chronic illness, are experiencing a physical discomfort, are experiencing mental and emotional difficulties, or  wish to find balance between mind, body and spirit, in any case you can benefit from En-Zen therapy.

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Recognizing the uniqueness of each person, we understand that everyone receives and processes stimuli and the emotions they cause differently. Therefore, in order to effectively and completely resolve the issue that concerns us, we will create a personalized formula based on the specificities and needs of the patient.

This personalized approach will include those appropriate for the patient energy healing methods, as is theTheta and Pranic Healing, Quantum Healing, Reiki and SRT (Spiritual Response Therapy), combined with elements from her philosophy of yoga, which Elena has been taught in India, as well as with Bach flower remedies and with Orgone therapy.

    The synthesis of appropriate therapeutic methods and techniques aims at the comprehensive and holistic resolution of the issue in the 4 bodies of the patient opening a portal to his conscious healing.

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