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Ancestral Catharsis

Experiential workshop

Come and experience ancestral healing

 I transform the obstacles of my ancestors into supplies for me and my descendants! 


Below the Acropolis, and next to the ancient market of Athens, we invite you to a liberating experiential ancestral healing workshop that will take place at "Vrysaki," an impressive cultural space that hosts and supports the Ancestral Catharsis workshop.

The Ancestral Catharsis workshop aims at consciously reconnecting with the family tree and sanitizing the ancestral line through healing and removing ancestral barriers. 

Thematic Units

* What is ancestral load and how does it work in the ancestral chain? * Understanding the function of the ancestral line through the visualization of our family tree. * Identification of the ancestral identification mechanism and exploring ways to reconcile and release ancestral patterns; * Approaching ancestral healing through the tripartite past-present-future and focusing on the dynamics of the wider present. * Exploring ancestral trauma through meditations methods and therapeutic techniques. * Creating a field of healing through practices of balancing masculine-feminine energy in coordination with the qualities of the archetypes of the Sanctuary of the Masculine and the Sacred Feminine. * Identifying and releasing dysfunctional minds programming and beliefs through meditative methods and release techniques. * Utilization of the spiritual potential of the ancestors, transforming the obstacle into a resource.

The introductory meeting on Friday 19/1 at 18:00 offers the opportunity to anyone interested to get to know the subject of the workshop and the presenters.

You can join whether you are going to attend the upcoming workshop, or one in the future.

Experiential Stages

* Preparing and activating body and mind for introduction to ancestral healing work through gentle body exercises (yoga), meditations and visualization techniques. * Connecting to the family tree and ancestral energies with the help of the "Alpha Iasis" meditation method. * Investigating ancestral trauma on a group or individual basis in coordination with the organizer. * Deepening in identifying wounds, limiting beliefs, dysfunctional patterns of behavior with projection to the conscious mind and alignment with our inner will to manage them in the highest way, according to our soul's plan! * Acceptance, purification, unblocking of mental blocks, beliefs and ancestral line traumas within from forgiveness and release techniques. * Deposit of respect and gratitude for the cooperation with the ancestral energies through the visualization of the "Sacred Circle" and the "Sacred Home". * Instilling the healing experience in future generations, offering selfless service and purifying the field for the liberation of next generations.


Meet the Team

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Dimitris Galanis

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Dimitris Galanis is a healer by birth. It has the gift of serving as a "soft hand" for health. He has studied all levels of Theta Healing as a healer, has received the title of Usui Reiki Master Teacher & Healer, has been taught Raja Yoga Meditation and has received and offers the teachings of Munay ki initiations. He has simplified and enriched various alternative methods of healing and meditation to work admirably in the present conditions of human evolution and the earth. He is the originator of the "Roizon" system of conscious well-being, he has received with superior communication the "Iama of Roizon" and is the creator of the meditation method "Alpha Iasis". It functions as a spiritual reminder and healer, having conscious communication and collaboration with one's higher self. Conducts individual sessions and group interactions healing and meditation since 2010.

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Elena Tsokou

My work is to remind people A-truth (A-forgetting=Memory), UNITY and Brotherhood, so that they walk the path of Life, with Peace and Happiness in a state of ZEN through the En-ZeN method which includes energy techniques, self-awareness and yoga.

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